Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Captain America 612

Captain America 612
Publisher: Marvel
Writer/ Artist: Brubaker, Guice, Djurdjevic

 Synopsis: Bucky Barnes does his time in jail, while Cap tries desperately to clear his name.  The Nazi forces are scheming an evil plan with Red Skull's daughter.

Characters and Plot: Good character advancement.  Bucky bares his soul to his condition in prison.  Steve Rogers uses his American values to fight for Bucky's innocence.  More loose ends are tied up as Falcon and Black Widow force Faustus to lend his abilities to helping free Bucky.  The ending is a good climax as the Redskull's daughter gets ready for havoc. 

Point: It's interesting seeing Steve Rogers act so pure and unskeptical to Bucky's case in the face of all the naivety of everyone around him.  His faith may seem simple and pure like new fallen snow, but his character represents the untainted values of an idealist.  If I went up to the average American and told them that I had faith that all the terrorist groups would regret their actions and turn themselves over to jail, they would laugh me out of the building.  But it's that kind of impossible thinking that makes God and Steve Rogers a lot alike.  They believe that good will win in the end and the truth will be the final factor.  But unlike Steve Rogers, God has the power to bring that reality to Earth.

+ Good character involvement
+ Good story

- More Bucky


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