Thursday, December 16, 2010

If Movie Stars Could Tweet (Humor)

Movie: Taken
Who: Bryan Mills
Tweet: My daughter was taken by Albanian poo bags! Suxors!

Movie: Sixth Sense
Who: Dr. Malcom Crowe
Tweet: No one is replying to these. Am I dead?!

Movie: The Matrix
Who: Morpheus
Tweet: Note to self…read over inspirational quotes and profound messages for new kid.

Movie: Titanic
Who: Jack
Tweet: I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat…flippy floppies…

Movie: Batman Begins
Who: Bruce Wayne
Tweet 1pm: My parents were killed.
Tweet 3pm: My parents were killed.
Tweet 5pm: My parents were killed.

Movie: National Treasure
Who: Ben Gates
Tweet: Beautiful Saturday…think I am going to do my laundry, go to the store and infiltrate the Library of Congress in an attempt to steal Lincoln’s beard, which was put here by Thomas Jefferson after he hid the constitution in a Dr. Seuss book.

Movie: Alice in Wonderland
Who: Mad Hatter
Tweet: I cannot get the Barbie Girl song out of my head!

Movie: Momento
Who: Leonard
Tweet: I forgot what I was gonna write…lol

Movie: Twilight
Who: Edward Cullen
Tweet: I suck as an actor.

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