Friday, December 10, 2010

The Year's Top Video games 2010

Here's a chance for you guys to nominate what the best games were for this year.  Just leave your nominations in the comment area and we will enter them into the poll.  I've entered my two cents already and each category.


Best First Person Shooter
1. Call of Duty Black Ops

Best Video game news
1. Unveiling the Kinect

Best Open World Game
1. Just Cause 2

Best Music inspired game
1. Dance Central

Best Family Friendly Game
1.  Kirby Yarn

Most unneeded sequel
1. Tony Hawk Shred

Best Downloaded Game
1. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Most Annoying Game
1. UFC Undisputed 2010

Best Sports Game
1. Split/Second

Best Story
1. Alan Wake

Best Graphics
1. Alan Wake

Best Music
1. Guitar Hero: Warrior

Best Motion Game
1. Dance Central

Best Game of the Year
1. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Send in your picks

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