Monday, December 6, 2010

Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate
album: Escape The Fate
recording label:DGC/Interscope

  Escape the Fate's new release sounds different from their previous music. they used to be completely natural but now they have voice changing technology.  With the new switch in vocals, one wonders if Escape the Fate still keeps their hard metal sound and rough exterior.  Consensus: yes!
The songs seemed to stem about the lead singer's struggles.  One track, Massacre, is about a drug addiction and how much it's a problem for him (Craig Mabbitts).  The chorus is like a pop punk mix with heavy metal.  Issues is about how problematic issues can be and how they cause so much pain. The chorus is a really nice breakdown to the end of the song. the song Gorgeous Nightmare is about a girl and how everything she does makes everything seem perfectly alright even if its something terrible like drugs. The dynamic of this song has a very poetic feel to it. The last song by  Escape The Fate is  Aftermath which is a 3rd continuation of the Guillotine. Aftermath is about after a war and how it haunts you when you realize you've killed so many people.  The lead is asking and begging for forgiveness.  This song is probably the most familiar to the band's older style.
 This album could have gotten rid of the voice change because the lead singer, Craig Mabbitts, has an amazing voice and using the voice morphs takes away from the awesome effects of his skills. This album was awesome because I found this music relatable and its definitely something to blast your speakers to. Altogether this is a nice blend of metal and vocals.
Jesus would probably not agree with this artist because even though there is not any swearing, there is a lot of other stuff that is not okay with God, like drugs.  Songs like Gorgeous Nightmare and Zombie Dance show a side of the band that isn't clear whether they are against their addictions.   But rest assured, we know that Jesus carries us out of our vices when we come to him willingly.
My God forgive me
For all of the bodies
I've taken in battle
Oh God don't forsake me

 Good instrumentals
Relatable music
  Not entirly christian (sketchy ethics)
 Voice changers hide Craig's talents
  only 11 songs :(


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