Monday, December 27, 2010

Runaways Teenage Wasteland

Type: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Marvel
Writer/Artist: Vaughan, Alphona, Myazawa

Teenage super hero groups are a dime a dozen and they all seem to have the same issue: we are super hero kids with big responsibilities.  They are always living in a shadow, trying to earn their own way, while having big hormonal relationships.  It's like Gossip Girl and Star Search having a baby with the Justice League.  That is probably why the Runaway series is so brilliant.

In the Runaway series: Teenage Wasteland, the six renegade reluctant heroes have to make a living, while their evil parents try to track them down.  The charm of this story comes in how fresh and reluctant all the heroes are, and how they don't hide their true selves.  Alex tries his best to be a mature leader of the team, but even the reader can tell that he didn't sign up for such a life as this.  Meanwhile, Molly is the innocent little girl trying to have fun, Gert hides her feminine qualities behind a sarcastic exterior, Chase is rushing into things and Karolina is trying to understand her alien identity.  Alex and Nico are the proverbial Cyclops and Jean of the team, trying to understand their feelings for each other, but staying strong to protect the others.  What this results in is a glorious story that rebels from the casual "we are teenagers who have to fight crime" and focuses it on the personal struggle of being a teenager with the weight of a responsibility on your shoulders.  Plus, the kids speak all the things we wish heroes would really speak, "Your costume is retarded," "Why are you dressed like a slut?"  "That's the dumbest idea I have ever heard."

The art is very teenager friendly.  Simple lines and digital coloring make this a very clean read.  There's a slight hint of Japanese influence, but it's all Marvel.  Every color, line and text is perfect for the reader.

If you are a teenager who recently escaped the fallout explosion of puberty, it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  Maybe your parents aren't a league of evil super villains, but you are holding onto a lot of responsibilities.  That's why I constantly search for the truth in the Gospel where Jesus urges us to work with him and in return he will help carry the heavy burden on our shoulders.  If there was anything Jesus had a heart for was helping people too exasperated to help themselves.  Oh sure, you are a super hero to those around you, but you can't fight forever by yourself.  Sometimes you need someone to lift the burden around you.

+ Great teenager dialogue
+ Gripping character struggles
+ Fun and easy read

-- They haven't pwned any major villain yet


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