Monday, January 3, 2011

Stone Sour--Audio Secrecy

Artist:Stone Sour
Album: Audio Secrecy
Label: Roadrunner Records

Audio Secrecy brings in their brand of unique hardcore and fast paced rock with a mix of some melodrama.  They have a unique blend of songs, despite their repetition on the album, but at least their take of the genre has that new music smell.
the song, Digital, is about people being ashamed to admit their faults and problems.  The chorus is repetitive, but the melody is like a rushing locomotive toward your brain.  Another song, Miracles, which is about being left alone by those who are close to you. That's more of a slow dance at a prom. the song Let's Be Honest is about wanting to be safe and wanting something better. The breakdown has a good beat and its repetitive, but it works together really well.  Imperfect is about letting somone special go and how a part of you dies when you lose someone that close and special. It sounds very familiar to Boys Like Girls. The theme of this album is a mix of slow pace and face pace poems of personal recollections and feelings. The rhythm altogether is depressing, but Stone Sour still cranks the high voltage songs.

This album needs to improve on not repeating so much in the chorus of their songs, there are a few that it works really well in, but there are some songs that would be better without that cyclical attention.  But anyone who who ever lost a close one will feel the pain that Stone Sour has to bring.
What does this mean?

The ultimate message that is being told is that no love can fade without someone being hurt. I think God would resonate with the singer's pain of missing someone but he would not agree with this music because, aside from swearing, there are songs that are about undying hatred. Corey Taylor (lead singer) is great at showing the true pains at how society feels, but doesn't really offer a way to deal with it.  We believe in a God who heals those with deep pains and does not leave his children with their anger and hatred.

Do you know how many times
I tore myself apart cuz you're not here?
Oh why do you want to know?
Does it make you feel alive?
I had to die to finally let you go

- Imperfect

The Breakdown:
Pro 1     Good Beat
Pro 2     Original Sound
Pro 3    Relatable

Con 1    Repetitive
Con 2    Some depressing or sad songs



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