Sunday, January 9, 2011

Newsboys- Born Again

Album: Born Again
Label: Inpop Records

The Newsboys are the turkey and gravy of Christian pop and it was sad to see Peter Furler go, but it was equally as sweet to see Michael Tait enter in.  Does he carry on the Newsboys legacy?

If only one thing could be said about true Christian pop, is that it's upbeat, energetic and a stadium anthem of candy tones.  Newsboys takes that stigma and ramps it up a notch.  Combine the sincerity of Tait's vocals, the borrowed synth of Owl City, and the instruments of a few Aussie rockers and you get something that has never come from a Newsboys album before.  Born Again is symbolic of their new addition and the Christian faith.  Fast forward a few synth songs to When the Boys Light Up and you find Toby Mac bringing his urban celebration jam in the mix.  No matter what band you put Tait in you have to make a DC Talk reference (tear :'( ).  This album has virtually no references to Newsboys' instrumental styles, save for some violin scores and keyboard riffs on the dramatic songs.  You'll have to say goodbye to the Aussie accent.

Lyrically, Born Again has a bigger head nod to Stepping up to the Microphone with songs like Build us Back and Escape.  The words are more poppy and rhythmic, giving the audience motivation to start jumping around.  The only bad move on this album was asking KJ-52 to sing the rap on Jesus Freak.  You can't mess with the classics even if you are KJ-52 (I miss DC Talk).

Newsboys are excited on this album and it bleeds through every anthem they sing.  They are electrified by God's involvement in their life and their break from Peter Furler.  The album is balanced and contains great amounts of energy.  If you aren't giving a standing ovation to God by the end of the album you need to go back to Sandi Patti. 

Born Again:
This is what it is
This is who I am
This is where I finally take my stand
I didn't want to fall, but I don't have to crawl
I met the one with two scarred hands
Givin' him the best of, everything that's left of
The life inside this man
I've been Born Again

More lyrics:
+ Michael Tait's Vocals
+ Yay God!

-- Nothing sounds all that familiar from the old cast
-- I miss DC Talk

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