Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6 Awesome iPod/iPhone games

6. Puppet War

Puppet Wars has some of the best graphics I have seen in an iPod game. This surprisingly smooth FPS plays like Call of Duty's zombie mode. It has cute charm and fun weapons to back it up.It gets boring kind of quick, but at least it's worth it's dollar.

5. Chop Chop Ninja

Chop Chop Ninja used to be free, but not anymore! As the name would imply, you play as a ninja, jump kicking your way through baddies to save the geisha from an evil war lord who keeps transforming her into stuff. It's a tap em' up involving chaotic combos, wild power ups and some great level design. Chop Chop Ninja is cute and (when I played it) it was my favorite flavor: free.

4. Brothers in Arms: Global Conflict

Putting an FPS on the iPhone can feel like putting Microsoft Word on a Speak-And-Spell. But amidst the failed attempts, Ubisoft put together a pretty tight shooter in Brothers in Arms: Global Conflict. The shooting controls are customizable, the graphics are good looking and the action is pretty intense. Along with all that is a pretty deep, soul-searching story that the Brothers in Arms franchise is known for. There's even multiplayer for the few people who still believe that FPS's can be competent on the portable devices.

3. Skeeball

It's cheaper than a dollar store ball-in-a-cup toy and its more rewarding than you think. Skeeball has great ball physics, a multiplier score system and an unlockable reward center for collectibles. Go ahead, try not to be addicted.

2. Wolfenstein RPG
EA Studios

Wolfenstein RPG seems like an idea your friends might make up after a few drinks. A historically inaccurate shooter from WWII meets Final Fantasy. It's a peculiar concept and it takes time to get used to, but you will notice that Wolfenstein RPG is actually quite engaging, deep and legitimately funny. When you combine turn-based gameplay, an intuitive syringe power up system and some interesting weapons, you have quite the package.

1. Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

No one expects iPhone games to be story-driven, fully voiced, or to have deep fighting systems. Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is all of that. The gameplay feels like a portable edition of Dynamite Cop for the arcade, but Gameloft went above and beyond to make sure this was worth every penny. This game has combos, web moves, power ups, quick tap events, mini games, collectibles and a whole slew of other things bundled in with a professionally-voiced story. This Spider-man definitely does justice.


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