Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

 Christmas in the Mike household was very fruitful and I was glad to eat shrimp and bacon filled foods with my family, while mother commentates that the gifts weren't perfect.  This is a joyful time, where my grandma mixes it up a bit by making us answer a gift riddle that most prophets and dream interpreters would stumble over.  And who can forget the presents and gifts that will ensure 1) that I will not be naked for at least 2 weeks and 2) That I finally have enough socks to finish my life sized Napoleon army sock puppet recreation.  But perhaps the best thing about this yuletide season is knowing that Jesus will takeover the world one day and it started on a day like today.

The good news is I have three graphic novels for your review: Marvel's Siege, Young Avengers: Dark Reign and The Runaways.
There will be a slur of bigger and better games for review: Mass Effect 2 (PS3), Little Big Planet 2 and maybe even Wii Zumba.

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