Monday, December 6, 2010

Justice Society of America 45

Justice Society of America # 45
Publisher: DC
Writer/Artist: Marc Guggenheim, Scott Kolins

Issue 2 of the Monument City series and the Justice Society are in a bit of a slump.  Once seen as the world's oldest super hero team, it seems that their past is catching up to them.
This issue had light conflicts and the only one that got me the most concerned is when Green Lantern made reference that he may be paralyzed.  Other than that, The Flash is in a guilty state of mind because of dark WWII decision and Michael Holt's brain might be getting less intelligent.  The conflict fire really didn't heat up too high in this issue even though The Flash put up a pretty dramatic performance.
The new baddie, Scythe, on the other hand is still unimportant to the reader, but we know he's going to do something crazy in later issues.

This issue was hinting at a giant wedge between hero members.  The Flash is rebuilding Monument City, The Green Lantern is out and Wildcat just really wants to punch Scythe in the mouth.  It's probably only going to get worse before it gets better.
There was not enough heat to get this story perking my curiousity, but I know that JSA sometimes has a slow 2nd issue.  The third and fourth issue is where I see things taking off.
+ Green Lantern's Conflict
- Nothing else seemed to heat up all that much


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