Monday, November 22, 2010

Spotlight: Rocky Loves Emily

Rocky Loves Emily
Album: American Dreams
Label: Tooth and Nail
Sounds like: Rocket Summer (without the prepubescent vocals) + Schoolboy Humor

A bunch of long haired, strong strapping boys either means a band is forming or Twilight is coming out with another sequel. In this case, Tooth and Nail is showcasing one of their new lines ups, Rocky Loves Emily.  They are six strong with all the necessary fix-ins and a keyboardist.  Their headline song, "Clueless," is a string burner with a riff that will get the kids jumping in the front row.  Their latest EP, American Dreams, has five songs, each with the promise to fill teenage hearts with gooey lyric goodness.  Give them a try if you like the song below.

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