Monday, November 15, 2010

Captain America 611

Captain America 611, Marvel
Quick Review: Brubaker, Acuna

Steve Rodgers has dropped the mantle onto Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, but it hasn't been a smooth transition by any stretch of the imagination.

Nazi nemesis, Zemo, has revealed to the world that Bucky Barnes was really the Winter Soldier assassin.  Now Bucky is wanted for murder and he is an escaped convict.

Brubaker is bringing over his Daredevil type drama to display the struggle between Steve's beliefs in Bucky's innocence and the skepticism before the other Avengers.  In the background of the story, a team of Nazi terrorists are threatening to bring over a new threat in New York City.  The comic is mostly Steve arguing for Bucky before TOny Stark and the president, but it gives some great background information into the Bucky Barnes character.  Was he brain washed, or did he kill those people with his own will?

The artistic style looks very simplistic and dark.  It's never daytime in the issue and the muddy colors accentuate that.    The minimalist art style gives proper mood lighting between the struggle of the characters.

What does it mean?
As Steve Rodgers fights for the cause of Bucky, we are reminded that Jesus clears our name in a similar way.  We may not have been brainwashed by Soviet Assassin camps, but sin has done its own fair share of teaching us to do wrong.  In those times of failure, where it feels like the world is out to get you, we have Jesus to fight for our cause.

+ Great minimalist approach
+ Very heated dialogue
+ Wonderful use of Steve Rodgers
--More Bucky?


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Marvelman said...

I think it was confirmed that Bucky was brainwashed the whole time as the Winter Soldier. He DID NOT kill those people with his own free will. Bucky was also contracted by the US government during WW2 to perform assassinations, does that make it any more right?

Great Issue though. Part of me wants him to go to jail, just to see him totally own the convicts out to get him. But for the most part, i want justice to be served and his name to be cleared. Who knows though, if the trial is tampered with and Bucky is sent to jail, we may be looking at the new leader of the Thunderbolts.

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