Monday, November 22, 2010

Justice Society America # 44

Justice Society of America # 44
Publisher: DC
Writer/Artist: Marc Guggenheim, Scott Kolins

The JSA are starting over fresh with new writers and new artists.  Forget what you know about Starhearts, Black Adam, JSA All Stars and Nazi takeover, this story starts tabla rasa.
No bones about it, the justice society is an aged group, filled with the experience of 100 JLA or Avengers.  Wildcat, The Flash, and The Green Lantern have kept the group a unit since the early days.  Now the group has to fight an meta terrorist that has the power to level the whole city.

The story direction is fresh and not just in a DC way.  Marc Guggenheimer did Spider-man before, which puts a new spin.  The artistic style is more defined and the edges are rounder.  The writing takes more focus on Michael Holt, Lightning and Jay Garrick and the use of the new villain shows that the new artistic team is dedicated to making this a new season for the Justice Society.

The new question is, will this new season be engaging or just another small potato story in the shadow of JLA and the Avengers.  We will see if the stories pick up, but for right now the first issue holds a lot of promise and the characters are a rich new take.

I've always credited the JSA of being like old school faith, sticking to the ancient path of Jesus, holding strong to their values and being an inspiration to the new ones.  They have always been an inspiration to the other heroes.

+ New story
+ New Art style

(too early to tell if the story is worth following)

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