Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quick Sketch: Thor the Mighty Avenger: Double Rainbow

Thor the Mighty Avenger: Double Rainbow
Publisher: Marvel
Artists and writers: Roger Langridge, Chris Samnee, Matt Wilson

Story: Thor protects local women in Bergen from Mr. Hyde; “As in you can’t.”

The story itself was a boring read, but has the potential to be good in the next issues.

Thor was a disappointment. He did not live up to what we see in other Marvel comics (the God of Thunder with mighty powers). He lacks his full fighting capacity. Mr. Hide was a more believable character: a schizophrenic and heartless drug addicted murderer.

The art on this could have been better as well.  Marvel does not live up to its standards. We have seen comics drawn better. And what’s with all this shading ? Do normal people have half of their face black? Overall this was an ineffective use of simplistic coloring.

This series has the potential to have a future (if they use more elements of Thor as god) and if they stop drawing rough sketches of Thor. Thor fans, this was a disappointment, especially if you were expecting the god of thunder.

 Thor has trouble when facing evil when he is not prepared much like we as Christians face every day. But through that experience he learns that he will find help when he needs it.   In the story Thor receives help from his new friend in order to defeat Mr. Hide.  Our lives are much more assured in that we can trust God to help us through battles.

-Story has potential
-Good Mr. Hyde (as in terrible person, but played part well)
- Unrecognizable Thor character
-Bad art


Red Mike

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