Monday, July 2, 2012

Weirdest Video Game Genre Crossovers

Call of Duty: Point and Click
Pros: Maybe with less repetitive run and gun action they can worry about the story a little more.
Cons:  You really only need the Duck and Shoot commands  

Grand Theft RPG
Pros: You can finally level up bats, guns, and  knives.  Also the healing spell comes in real handy when the army comes.
Cons:  Every two steps you take you encounter a pedestrian.  

Madden Fighters
Pros: Finally a sports game where I might win.
Cons:  Story mode always has the same ending: "I'm going to Disney World"

Mass Effectville
Pros:  Let's face it, you spent two hours on the story and sixteen on collecting junk.  This game was made for you.
Cons: You might have to milk a Volus!  

 Pong FPS
Pros:  Killing raging Hell Beasts in Pong just feels natural.
Con:  The realism of ping-pong might be slightly diminished by the inclusion of a BFG.

Rockband Adventures
Pros:  The Bon Jovi Forest and Journey Castle are amazing levels!
Cons:  The Mastodon Dungeon and Amy Winehouse Village are such a pain to play through!  

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