Friday, April 1, 2011

Christian Apocalypse Love Story Combines 2 Niche Markets

Christian entertainment may not have the best variety, but what it does do, it does very well.  In recent years, studies have shown that Christian audiences flock to apocalyptic thrillers (Left Behind Series, Apocalypse Dawn, The Omega Code, Judgment) and Old West/Amish love stories (Love's Abiding Joy, Love Finds a Home, Love Finds Wings)

Recent author Janette Dobson, has found the power play of a life time, combining both the Amish love story and the end of the world apocalypse.  It's called Love's True Final Reckoning.

The story is about a quiet Amish boy named Danny who owns a leather tanning house on the outskirts of the town.  He begins to notice Anna, the school girl teacher.  Anna falls in love with Danny, but she cannot reveal her secret, that she is the prostitute of Babylon that will ride the dragon in Revelations.  Having to decide between being a catalyst of end times or pursuing her love for Danny, Anna faces the many pressures of being an Amish school teacher who was anointed by Satan.  Meanwhile, God begins sending plagues and bowls of wrath upon the Earth to cleanse it of its impurity.  Will Danny avoid the corrupt one-world government to be with Anna or will he be second fiddle to her new lover--the Anti-Christ?

Grab the tissues and the newspaper because this story will grip your brain and your heart for a fast action packed thrill ride of romantic world destruction.

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