Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christian Dating Book Titles (For The Blunt)

10. Turns Out She Treats Everyone Like That: A Guide To Illusions

9. Waiting For God: For Those Who Naturally Can't Attract Girls

8. Stop Commenting On Her Pictures!!-- A guide to not being creepy

7. Revisiting the Mail Order Plan: A guide to desperation relationships

6. Jesus Is Going To End The World Anyways: Stay Single

5. Stapling Your Pants On--And 1005 other ways to stay lust free

4.  Really?  That was it?--what to expect when the magic wears off

3. Missionary Dating: 50 ways to charm that man into Christ

2.  Lord of the Rings Dating Guide--How to give her the one Relationship to rule them all

1. Shouldn't You Be Submitting?  A Guide to Communicating Biblically With Your Significant Other

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